The new album, SIMPLE MACHINES is now available at bandcamp

"Easily the strongest offering by The Rebel Wheel, pound for pound"

Greg Kampf, La Villa Strangiato Radio CHUO 89.1 FM
Based in Ottawa Ontario
Founded in 2004
Genre: Prog Rock 
Label: Rostfrei Records
David Campbell – guitar, keyboards & vocals
Andrew Burns –bass, keyboards & vocals
Alex Wickham - drums, keyboards & vocals


Steeped in cinematic sound-scapes  and  dark  and complex arrangements, The Rebel Wheel features a frenetic mix of angular rock aggression, jazz phrasing, complex harmonies, strong songwriting and unpredictable odd-metered vamps. At once large and dissonant as well as lyrical and intimate, the band relies on strong performances to give their ideas life.

Rostfrei Records
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